About Us

Mission: To supply superior qualitative products with the cheapest price to our clients by bridging the gap between the retailers and the manufacturers/growers.

Vision: We work for customers’ satisfaction and our customers are our priority. We are dedicated to exceed the customers’ expectation. We hope to establish Shams Trade International Inc, as one of the leading import and export companies in Canada.

What Do We Do?      

  1. We import Readymade Garments (Sweater, Jacket, Jeans, Shirts, ladies/kids’ clothing) directly from our affiliated manufacturers in Bangladesh. The products are made as per the choice of our designers to meet the demand of our customers.
  2. The manufacturers ship the products to us by Air or Sea depending on the urgency. We can also supply the products from door to door if the order is more than 50 pieces.
  3. We directly deal with the farmers and terminals to trade/export wheat, grains, and lentils to South Asian Countries. Being the newcomers in this sector, our focus is to win the heart and mind of our customers and our suppliers so that we can prosper.
  4. We explore our ethically motivated affiliation to export fresh and frozen Salmon fish from Canada to Bangladesh.
  5. We also import frozen fish including Tilapia, vegetable, and fruits from South Asian Countries.             

Message Of CEO

Welcome to Shams Trade International Inc. We are committed to business ethics, values, and principles. Try with us and you will always be delighted with our products. Let’s work as a team.  

Meet Our Lead Team

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Md Shamsul Alam Chowdhury, MBA (GWU, USA) 


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Chowdhury Shihab Bin Shams, Masters of SDM (USA)


Chowdhury Talha Bin Shams, BSC (USA)


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